Our Story + Team


Hi there!  My name is Julia and I am the face behind JuJu's Products!!!  In 2010 my dad John (left) decided to diversify our farm, came across Aronia berries, really liked everything he read about them and so we planted 17,000 plants!  To this day my dad and I manage the Aronia field together as a father-daughter  team.  When I was in college, I decided to start a business that would help get the name of Aronia out into the public.  We started off calling the company JuJu's (my childhood nickname) just until we thought of something better.  Well, the name stuck!  JuJu's Products was officially born in 2018.  I am passionate about agriculture, and helping other farmers diversify their own farms!!! 


Meet Nahla, my right hand lady and the one who makes all of this possible (not really, but she thinks so).  From riding in the tractor, chasing rabbits out of the field, lending a helping paw during harvest, and riding along for product deliveries, Nahla has been involved with the entire Aronia berry operation from the beginning! If you ever visit the farm, you can be sure Nahla will greet you the minute you arrive.

Daisy on tractor_edited.jpg

Meet Daisy, the official Supervisor for JuJu's Products.  Daisy specializes in sitting on the floor of the tractor cab watching the bushes go by, sitting on the farm cart to make sure she doesn't miss a ride, sitting in the tractor, sitting in the car during product deliveries, and sitting anywhere and everywhere else.  She's not the most motivated employee, but we wouldn't trade her for anything.  Daisy has now been involved with the operation for going on 3 years.